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Today's we are going to introduced a new latest mobile Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G review, specification, model-designs, performance and battery:-

Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G Review and Specification:-

Vivo has worked on the shortcomings of the X60 Pro+ and upgrades its camera tech, making the X70 Pro+ 5G a very capable contender in the premium segment.

Vivo has been trying to make it into the premium segment for a while with its x series of smartphones. These high-end devices focus on the camera but past models have often fallen short of expectations in other areas, given their premium pricing.


(1) The Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+Soc.

(2) Camera performance is quite good across the board.

(3) There's 55W wired and 50W wireless charging as well.

Vivo X70 Pro+ design:-

The Vivo X70 Pro+5G ditches the faux leather back that the X60 Pro+ had. Vivo has instead gone with a matte glass finish and a skinny metal frame.

The phone is available in a single Enigma Black finish which looks and feels premium but is also quite slippery. The glass rear panel feels durable and does a vey good job of rejecting fingerprints and smudges.

It's easy to tell that Vivo has paid a lot of attention to the X70 Pro+ 5G design. The right and left side of the frames are skinny, the bottom is a lot of thicker but is flat, and the top has a glass insert with a more rounded appearance. It all looks good together, but the materials are very slippery.

Thankfully, there's a high-quality faux leather case in the box, which is soft to touch and adds plenty of grip, but it will increase the overall thickness of the smartphone when snapped on.

While the phone feels surprisingly slim at 8.89mm, the quad-camera model on the back protrudes quite a bit. At 213g, it's not exactly light, but not too heavy for a premium smartphone either.

Right next to that large camera model is a large reflective panel, which is a cosmetic touch, but can also be used as a mirror so touch, but can also be used as a mirror so you can take selfies with the rear camera.

The X70 Pro+ 5G has a large 6.7-inch WQHD+ AMOLED display panel with curved sides. The Schott Xensation cover glass is prone to smudges, but these can be wiped off easily.

A new feature on this generation is the stereo speaker setup, with the earpiece doubling up as the second speaker. Also new is the IP68 rating which means you get good protection against dust and water.

Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G specification and software:-

The Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G goes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor, which is a minor upgrade to the Snapdragon 888 found in most premium Android flagships. This processor has a higher 3GHz clock speed and a faster hexagon 780 AI Engine.

There's 12GB of UFS 3.1 storage, with no room for expansion. Communications standard include Wi-Fi 6 ac/ax, Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC. This phone supports several SA and NSA 5G bands, which were missing on the X60 Pro+.

Vivo's custom android skin, Fun-Touch OS has been upgraded to version 12 with version 11 as the base.The company's much talked about widget based origin OS has yet to make it to any of the Vivo handsets in India, but the X70 Pro+ 5G does get a handful of those cool looking widgets including a clean-up and accelerate function, a nano music player, a few basic stickers, a featured album, and one for the weather. Apart from these, there are also the usual android widgets to pick from.

What makes the Fun-Touch widgets special is there skeuomorphic design. There are buttons that open and close a jukebox like a music player ( with spotify integration ) with some interesting animations like a CD slotting into a tray.

There overall fluidity is far cry from the usually clunky android widgets They are also very interactive.

You can swipe across the album widgets to glance at a few photos, or swipe across the weather widget to switch between hourly and daily weather reports.

As interactive and fun as they are, there's a lot missing in terms of deeper integration, which is something Apple iOS does much better.

Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G performance and battery life:-

The Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G features a WQHD+ (3200 x 1440 pixel) display which is very sharp and gets quite bright orders. It claims to be able to reproduce a billion colours and various natural looking colour tones.

The curved edges made swipping from the sides easier while navigating the software, and didn't cause to much distraction when watching content.

The display also supports HDR 10+. While video on YouTube and Amazon Prime looked sharp and vibrant, Netflix 's HDR certification is still pending. Vivo has confirmed that it has applied for this and that it will be enabled later.

The AMOLED panel features a 120Hz peak refresh rate which apart from making the software experience feel fluid, is also evident while playing games.

Vivo's Ultra Game mode has been revamped with a new interface and now has a lot of useful gamer-friendly controls including 4D vibration, a voice changer, and Eagle Eye View, which brightens up the game to let you see more clearly in darker areas.

With a 4500mAh battery, I was a bit worried about the battery life of Vivo X70 Pro+ given its large 6.7-inch-pixel dense display. However, even with the display refresh rate set to 120Hz, I easily managed a day and half of heavy usage.

Set the refresh rate to Auto might even have extended that a little. With regular use, I was left with about 40 percent at the end of the day, which is quite good for a premium flagship.

Vivo includes a 55W fast charger in the box, and it takes about 55 minutes for this phone to go from dead battery to 100 percent. Wireless charging also make it to X70 Pro+ and this phone supports 50W wireless charging when used with Vivo's own dock, which will be coming to India and will be sold separately.

Some pros of Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G.


[1] It has internal memory 256GB.

[2] It has no expandable memory.

[3] It's storage type is UFS 3.1.

[4] It has USB OTG.


[1] It has no FM radio system.

[2] It has loudspeaker.

[3] It has Type-C audio jack.


[1] It has a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

[2] It's fingerprint sensor type is optical.

[3] It also has light sensor, Proximity sensor,

Accelerometer, Compass, and Gyroscope.


[1] It's height is 164.5mm.

[2] It's width is 75.2mm and weight is 213g.

[3] It's thickness is 8.8mm.

[4] Colour is Enigma black it's back is build of mineral glass.


[1] It has 12GB RAM.

[2] It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor.

[3] It's rear camera is 50MP + 48MP + 12MP + 8MP and front camera is 32MP.

[4] It has 4500mAh battery.

[5] It has 6.78 inches display.


Vivo has not held back in any way with the X70 Pro+ 5G. With unique features such as its glimbal camera stablisation and V1 chip, if has successfully made a space for itself in the premium smartphone segment.

The X70 Pro+ 5G also has enough other updates to warrant an upgrade even from the X60 Pro+ review. It's not perfect, but it sure comes close and with a barrage of features there's a little to complain about.

There are plenty of options at this price level including those from bigger brands such as Samsung and Apple but none of them offer so much flexibility in terms of cameras, core hardware and features.

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